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Trade Wars & International Business

Trade Wars

By Prof. Dr. Marios Panayiotis Efthymiopoulos – Dr. Dimitrios Vasileios Kokkinos Trade Wars Abstract The greatest disruption of Business globally is not coming from the technological revolution but from Trade Wars. The Global consequences of the Trade Wars are the most impactful event in the World for the foreseeable future. Trade wars, that have already …


Post-Signatory Realities: Reflections of Foreign/National Benefits and Challenges

Greece, FYRoM, EU

By Dr. Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos Associate Professor of International Security and Strategy Visiting Professor College of Law, UCLAN Cyprus & Head of Strategy International The agreement between two sides, Greece and Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), reinstates the regional global importance and foreign interests, politically, economically and culturally. Foreign powers deem as important of …


NATO Smart Defense and Cyber Resilience

NATO Smart Defense and Cyber Resilience: A Methodological Approach to Adapting to Emerging Challenges (*) Dr. Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos Assistant Professor of Strategy and Security & Program Coordinator of the MA in Strategy and Security American University in the Emirates Email: marios.panagiotis@aue.ae May 2016 Abstract This paper aims to evaluate NATOs’ “Smart Defense”1 policy in …

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