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Academic Teaching & Consulting

Program Creation and Course Executive Programs

Professional (Government and Private) Consulting

Strategic Policy Creator

Operational & Protocol Management

Professional publications

Oped and Commentry (in English, French and Greek) TV, Radio, News Papers, Article Journals, Professional Websites

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

Conferences and Events (Open and Closed Sessions)

Leader in Decision-making and operational policy center Head

Field Trips Expert

Course Titles

Cyber-Security, Defense in an e-network world

Cyber-Operational and Infrastructural preparedness

Strategies in Smart City planning

International Law

Cyber-Security Strategy

Social awareness and Critical Understanding in Global Politics

Cyber-Democracy and Cyber-Development

Future affairs: Politics, Outer-Space, Genetics and Robotics

Counter-Terror issues and Information Analysis affairs

Politics and International Affairs

Global and Regional Security Strategy

Gulf & Middle East, Euro-Atlantic and Eurasia Region

Cultural Diplomacy and Protocol Negotiations

International Organizations & Alliances

My Vision

``To work, cooperate and enhance capacities through professional knowledge, education and consulting methods and key solving solutions``

New knowledge is important

Lead the future.

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