International Piracy stands out as of prime importance to the emerging challenges that will have eventually to be dealt with by NATO member states. Member-states such as Greece hold a high interest and a high stake but also a duty to protect their national and multinational interests. Security training and ‘smart preparation’ for a ‘smart engagement’

NATO’s new Strategic Concept adopted in Lisbon in 2010, identifies ‘partnership’ as ‘cooperative security’, being one of the 3 main policy ‘pillars’ of NATO. The stakes of such policy are high; If titled we can assume that this is the ‘outreach professional public policy orientation of NATO’, outside its traditional borders. Promotion of stability, prosperity and

Copyright Strategy InternationalAuthor:Dr. Marios P. EfthymiopoulosSo Syria’s year’s old civil war has suddenly erupted to be a major issue for the international community! Should we be happy to hear news of a sudden involvement of our community? Or should we feel awkward because of the late involvement?   To make things more interesting, one may have a hard