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A Wish of What Greece Could be: What if Greece…

Preface: “This is not an ordinary article. This is a dream of what Greece could be. This is a proposal.  Beyond the borders of academia and professionalism. This is a hope. This is a dream.  We all wish to state the following issues. But as it seems very few decide to write of these opinions.

I for once believe the following article.  Please read it carefully. All that you will read can have a practical impact. It can be delivered, Professionally and Politically”.

What if Greece changed? What if Greece would become a place, estimated as a free market economy, of professional capabilities to deliver, of academic excellence and innovation amongst others? What if Greece where to apply a zero-sum game in its foreign and security policies?

What if Greece would structure a Strategic Plan for the next 100 years in all social levels of government work? What if Greece had the actual willingness to change for the sake of its people? of its Democracy? Of its credibility and trust to its foreign allies and counterparts?

What if Greece were to emerge as a solid credible country, as a regional player? A negotiator of international affairs in providing solely services?

What if Greece were to specialize? :  politically/legally, economically, socially, industrially?  So as to provide international services to the world?

Services and actions cannot but be a win-win situation for all.

What if Greece and the state, in plain words, would to be “loved”?

What if Greece were to re-establish its society and social structure and health care system in a way that would be for the benefit to its people and to the cooperation with its foreign allies and neighboring states?

What if Greece were to re-create an industry? That would include a. a new industry in all sectors, b. the ability to deliver for the exploitation of all its natural resources.

What if Greece were to welcome mass foreign investment in medium and high levels of industry?

What if Greece offered to the investor a low percentage of 2% taxation for the long-term of 10 years?

What if Greece would to establish a free-market internal economy for its nationals, where all people would be able to establish low, medium and high level industries with a taxation of 1% (if Greek) and establish a descent working market demography so as to enlist employees Greek and Foreign that need of work to all foreign and national companies engaged in the Greek market?

Would not this create the capital to a. repay the debt, b. invest in the long-term establishment of Greece as a credible fiscal and political ally, c allow exchange and trade of goods to be imported and exported? Would not this be a chance to emerge as a country of wealth, trade and democracy as Greece once was? Would not this help raise the demographic numbers of a state that is declining and aging?

As Greece one would hope to be? Would not this allow Greece to resolve all its multilateral and bilateral foreign issues? Would not Greeks change their mentality in being as friendly and as hospitable as cultured as we need to be?

Would we Live our myth in Greece then? As once was said by our governments?

In the year 2012, Greece is anything but perfect. It is anything but a perfect place to dream of things that were to be or to become.  Of what Greece represents.

Today people seem not to think of their own or their families’ future. Our society seems divided. No need to move to a deeper analysis. No need to explain the harsh realities of what Greece is today and what Greece will become. We are not prophets. We may be able to explain and analyze and or estimate but we are not prophets.

We can however overturn this negative picture. We need to assure the world that Greece’s posture has been damaged. We need also to say that Greece’s posture to the world needs to be re-established.

We all, both in the international community and for those of us that are Greeks need to re-emerge from this sudden knock-out that has just happened over a game of boxing.

We need to be restructured. We need to start to visualize. We need to make dreams happen. We need to change. We need to evolve. We need to re-state the obvious and put forwardsimple issues to the service of the people.

We are the birth place of Democracy. We are the birth place of negotiations. We are the birth place of economics and mathematics, the place of law and philosophy, of politics, of technology and innovation, of education and health care, of medicine.

We are a solid and structured society that will have to give birth again to new tools of communication. To Brand Greece; to allow it to become credible and trustworthy; able to deliver national and international results; to show also to the world what needs to be altered. To become an example; we will no longer live in sadness; we should not live in sadness; we will emerge as people of hope, as professionals, as people with ability to deliver robust results.

This is a good time. A time to be constructive and innovative; time to cooperate, to brand, to visualize, to estimate, to be credible, to be applicable; to take stakes in our hands; to honor those that help us; to honor our society; to honor our international cooperations; to honor the truth.

The old Greece is to change. A new Greece will emerge. This new Greece needs its people.

We kindly ask from all to engage with us all from Greece.  With the hope that we will emerge and be trust worthy, we will structure a Greece of how it was once dreamed, a place of democracy and of peace; a place of innovation and construction, a place of industry and a place of professional and academic exchanges; a place of beauty and happiness; a place where all would be welcomed.

This is our destiny.

This is our future.

This is what Greece should be.

This is what we wish Greece to be.

This article has been published by Dr. Efthymiopoulos on Strategy International’s site (http://strategyinternational.org/index.php/sectors/global-strategiesglobal-diplomacyleadership/79-leadership/288-a-wish-of-what-greece-could-be-what-if-greece).