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Upcoming Publication:

Falken’s Maze on Cyber Security: The Case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
By Springer USA: (Expected date of Publication January 2021)

Handbook of Cyber-Defence, Cyber Democracy & Cyber Development
(Ed. by Carayannis, Campbell & Efthymiopoulos published October 2018)

eythimiopoulos kipros

Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία
Διαστάσεις Εξωτερικής Πολιτικής
Cyprus Democracy
Issues of Foreign Policy Affairs


Cyber-Defence, Cyber Democracy & Cyber Development
Springer Press (Published in August 2014)

Cover-back end pages of book Strategic Sec & Trans Relations

Στρατηγική Ασφάλεια και Διατλαντικές Σχέσεις
Strategic Security & Transantlantic Relations

Pape olokliro

Αποκόπτοντας το Νήμα της Τρομοκρατίας
Cutting the Fuse (Translated)
(original authors – PAPE & FELDMAN)

NATO in the 21st century

ΤΟ ΝΑΤΟ στον 21ο αιώνα:
Η Ανάγκη για ένα νέο Στρατηγικό πλάνο & η Διεύρυνση των Σχέσεων ΝΑΤΟ-Ρωσίας.
NATO in the 21st century:
The need for a renewed Security Concept & the ever lasting NATO-Russia Relations.

Negotiations Book Strategy Int.

Monographies from Strategy International:
1. On International Decision Making and Negotiations (2009)
2. Regarding international relations (2009)