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Efthymiopoulos M.P. (2018) Cyber-Security and Sustainable Development: The Case of Dubai.
In: Carayannis E., Campbell D., Efthymiopoulos M. (eds) Handbook of Cyber-Development,
Cyber-Democracy, and Cyber-Defense. Springer, Cham

Efthymiopoulos M.P. (2018) Cyber-Challenges and NATO. In: Carayannis E., Campbell D., Efthymiopoulos M. (eds) Handbook of Cyber-Development, Cyber-Democracy, and Cyber-Defense. Springer, Cham
First Online30 May 2018

Efthymiopoulos M. P. (2018), Hybrid Alliances: Efficiency, Business Continuity and Future Foresight in a World of Challenges pp183-193 In: Smart Technologies and Innovation for a Sustainable Future
Proceedings of the 1st American University in the Emirates International Research Conference — Dubai, UAE 2017 Ed by: Al-Masri, Ahmed, Curran, Kevin (Eds.)

Efthymiopoulos M.P. (2018), Hybrid Challenges in the Balkans, in Asymmetry and Strategy, Thematic Collection of Articles, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia, Defense University, Strategic Research Institute, pp127
ISBN 978-86-81121-17-7

Upcomimg NATO’s Cyber Resilience Network
Publishing: Addleton Academic Publishers, Changes for Publication in 2018, ,
History Journal of Geopolitics, History and International Relations, New York USA.

NATO Smart Defense & Cyber-Resilience
The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy & Tufts University,
The Constantine G. Karamanlis Chair in Hellenic & European Studies
May 2016, Boston USA. Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Working Paper 1/2016.

Cyber-Security and Smart Cities: The Case of Dubai
Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship -Springer 2016-
Efthymiopoulos Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2016) 5:11
DOI 10.1186/s13731-016-0036-x, New York, USA.

Immunity from Western Policy Orientation. The Case of Greece & Russian Relations
Journal of Comparative Politics 1(22)/2016, MGIMO University Moscow, Russia.
DOI 10.18611/2221-3279-2016-7-1(22-83-98).

The Geometry of the Game of Thrones: from Balance to Power Projection and Efficacy Geostrategic Journal
Romania, Anul XVI, nr. 64-65 (2 / 2016) pp, 138-147.

Language Training as a process for Interoperability of Force projection of NATO.
Adubato & Efthymiopoulos
JAPCC Journal/NATO Germany/ Journal Edition 19Autumn, Winter 2014,
Transformation & Capabilities, (edition 19).

The Changing Nature of the Balance of Power and the Real Game of Thrones:
From Ukraine, to beyond the borders of Middle Earth.

Published by the Ministry of Defense of Greece,
During The Hellenic Presidency of the European Union
(Jan 2014-June 2014) and the General Staff of the Armed forces of Greece

Specialization and Prepardness in Countering Emerging Threats at Sea.
Journal Issue N.7/July 2013. NMIOT-MIO Publications, Souda Bay Crete, NATO.

An alliance between, Greece, Turkey and Israel?
Turkish Quartely, Fall Issue 2012 Vol 11. No3.

A Resolution to a Dispute with no Strings Attached: The Name Dispute of the Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia and Greece.
on Journal of Croatian Membership in the European Union. 2/2014, Vienna,
February 2014 ISBN: 978-3-902944-35-1
Ernst M. Felberbauer and Predrag Jurekovic (Ed).
27th Workshop of the PfP Consortium on Regional Stability in Southeast Europe.Ed by (National Defense Austria Command, Federal Ministry of Defense & Sports, Vienna Austria & in coop with the PfP Consortium of Defense Academic & Security Studies Institutes, Garmisch, Partenkirchen, Marshall Center, Germany.
Paper from the 25th Workshop of the PfP-Consortium Study Group “Regional Stability in South East Europe (RSSEE) September 2012” titled: “Meeting the Challenges of EU Membership and NATO Accession – FYROM and her Neighbours”.

From Transition to Opportunity: Security, Institutional Strengthening and Economic Development, Southeast Europe Revisited.
Journal of the Knowledge Economy December 2015, Volume 6/4 pp 838–855.
16 April 2013 DOI: 10.1007/s13132-013-0150-y, Springer USA.

From Transition to Opportunity: Security Through Economic Development and Institutional Strengthening.
Efthymiopoulos M & Zeneli V,
Research in World Economy’s (September 2012), ISSN 1923-3981(Print) ISSN 1923-399X
DOI: 10.5430/rwe.v3n2p29

The evolution of the NATO Maritime Interdiction Training Operating Center.
Journal Issue N.4/2011. NMIOT-MIO Publications, Souda Bay Crete, NATO.

Cyprus and the opportunity to join NATO’s Partnership for Peace.
Journal of Legal issues “legal and More” (in Greek) Published August 2011.

Foreign Interests Revisited: Cyprus, NATO’s Partnership for Peace and Turkey.
Journal on Southeastern European Security Strategy and Transatlantic Leadership
June 2011, Vol I, ISSN 1792-9415, Strategy International.

The Economic Knowledge and NATO’s Financial Visibility. (Eratum: Viability)
Journal of the Knowledge Economy, Springer,
June 2011, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp 249–255.
First online: 24 November 2010 DOI: 10.1007/s13132-010-0033-4

NATO-Russia Security Architecture. A period of change.
“Journal Europe” (2010), Polish Institute of International Affairs
English & Russian Language translated No 1/34 (2010)

NATO’s Security Operations in Electronic Warfare: The Policy of Cyber-Defense and the Αlliance’s new Strategic Concept.
Journal of Information Warfare JIW Vol. 8 Issue 3.
ISSN 1445-3312 Online Journal: ISSN 1445-3347

The Conditions of FYROM Joining NATO 2009.
E.L.E.S.M.E Journal Greece:

NATO the USA and Political Realities.
E.L.E.S.M.E Journal Greece (in Greek) 2009:

NATO & The Powerful States (in Greek).
Journal External Affairs Greece

Negotiating the Future: The Basket of Choices, NATO and NATO-Russia Relations.
Les Cahiers du RMES (Réseau Multidisciplinaire d’ Etudes Stratégiques),
Vol.3, n°2, hiver 2006.

Is NATO in need of a Renewed Strategic Concept?
Journal of Information Warfare Edith Cowan University, Australia.
Vol 4. Issue 3 December 2005, ISSN 1445-3312.
[Referenced in 2006 at the US Congress and the National Defense University].


Cyber-Security and Sustainable Development: The Case of Dubai
In Handbook of Cyber-Democracy, Cyber-Development & Cyber-Defense,
By Springer October 2018,

Cyber-Security & Smart Defense: From NATO to beyond, Alliances.
Handbook of Cyber-Democracy, Cyber-Development & Cyber-Defense,
By Springer October 2018,

Chapter: NATO’s Cyber-Defense: A Methodology for Smart Defense
Efthymiopoulos M., (Etall), Cyber-Development, Cyber-Democracy and Cyber-Defense,
At Carayannis, Campbell & Efthymiopoulos, Published by Springer (2014).

Published: Security Through Economic Development & Strengthening Of Institutional
Capacity: From The Era Of Transition To An Era Of Opportunity In S. East Europe.

By Zeneli & Efthymiopoulos, in Shaping South East Europe’s Security Community
for the 21st Century: Trust, Partnership, Integration”.
(ed) by Sharyl Cross, Savo Kentera, Radovan Vukadinovic and R. Craig Nation
Palgrave-Macmillan 2014.

Conference Papers

Hybrid Alliances: Efficiency, Business Continuity & Future Foresight in a World of Challenges.
AUE 1st Research Conference, Conference Publication by Springer in October 2018.

Cyprus Republic’s Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Religious Model Society: European and Global Geostrategic Considerations and Opportunities
International Political Studies Association (IPSA)
Joint Colloquium of Research Committees 14, 28, and 13

“Democratization and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies”
University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, 24-27 June 2017.

OSINT and Cyber-Intelligence in a time of Smart Cities
International Association for Intelligence Educator (IAFIE)
2nd Annual Conference 22-24 June 2017, Athens Greece

Hybrid Alliances: Efficiency, Business Continuity & Future Foresight in a World of Challenges
10th international conference „Crisis Management Days“,University of Applied Sciences
Velika Gorica, Terme Tuhelj Republic of Croatia 24th-26th of May 2017.

Cyber Security in the Smart City of Dubai
11th International Conference on Cyber Warfare & Security (ICIW),
Boston University, Boston, USA 17 – 18 March 2016.

The Game of Thrones.
CFP 3rd International Conference on Emerging Paradigms in Business &
Social Science Research November 24-26, 2015, Park Hyatt Dubai, UAE

The Weapons of Mass Destruction and Proliferation: The North Atlantic policy.
5th International Conference on Information Warfare 2006.
Published by Academic Conferences Limited. ISBN 1-905305-17-6.
University of Maryland Eastern Shore Campus.

Is NATO in Need of a New Security Concept?
4th European Conference on Information Warfare 2005
ISBN 1-905305-02-8. Published by Academic Conferences
Glamorgan University.

NATO’s War on Terror and the Electronic Medium: A Retrospective Analysis on Combating Terrorist Insurgence
European Conference on Information Warfare
Defense College of Management and Technology Shrivenham UK,
Co-Authored with Josef Demergis.

Challenging NATO Security Operations in Electronic Warfare: The Policy of Cyber-Defense.
Proceedings: 8th European Conference on Information War
Univeristy of Minho & the Military Academy Lisbon, Portugal
ISBN: 978-1-906638-33-7

NATO’s Transformation In The 21st Century: Pushing Out The Limits.
NATO Project Committee and co-writer with: 4 Lt. Colonels,
two Colonels, one Captain and a Diplomat. Under Supervision of
Professor David Yost, Naval College Monterey
NATO Defense College Rome Italy [rules of NATO secret].