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Creating A Smart Defense, Engaging A Smart Alliance.

In an international and inter-connected environment that is full of challenges and threats, in times of austerity and historical political changes, smart defense, an essence of and for Alliance unity has come forth. It is expected to be officially negotiated and presented to the upcoming NATO Summit of the 28 heads of state and government in Chicago.
Smart defense is a new security culture comprehension. It is a new way of thinking. It is all about generating modern defense capabilities. It is all about new ideas. It is all about the future of NATO as an alliance. It is about the encouragement of cooperative defense. It is about maintaining military capacities and enhancing military capabilities.
According to the new strategic concept, NATO is moving forward. 21st century requires agile forces. Compatible and deployable forces. Not static. NATO needs interoperable forces. Smart budget directed funds for capacity building and planning effectiveness and operational viability with minimum budget possible, enhanced technology and minimum engagement of human capital in time and operations. Smart defense is all about renewing operational and tactical effectiveness and operational alliance coordination. It is all about specialization. Smart Defense is about to set priorities and to better coordinate collective efforts.
Smart Defence is about geo-political capability; Area distribution and specialization. It is a correlation of administrative political and military coordinating joint and not duplicating procedures on subjects such as Ballistic Missile Defense, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Maintenance of readiness, training and force preparation as well as effective engagement; All this with minimum cost, casualties and high level of technology preparedness.
Smart Defense is a priority policy for NATO. It is the continued evolution of the capabilities initiative. It aligns national capability priorities with those of NATO as it supranationalise policies with cooperative and consensus leveled agreements, that produce a cost-effective projection, planning and application in both the theatre and real-world operations.
Specialization is a key word. It is the essence of coordinated efforts to lower cost, fiscal and human and increase cooperation, effectiveness and guarantee engagement. Specialization is a form of cooperation; a cooperation of geographical interests or of strategic sharing of costs collectively or individually but positively decisively.
Smart Defense is a long-term viable solution. Defense Ministers have paved the way. Foreign Ministers agreed. At the forthcoming Chicago Summit elements are expected to be addressed. Overall Defense Package negotiated. A Concept on Smart Defense is expected to rise up to the level. It will be a new approach, a new commitment, a new mindset of capabilities, political and military; a new security culture understanding and application that is now expected to be decided. What is assured is that an
agreement on Smart Defense, will equally mean re-approachment of collective understanding a new Euro-Atlantic posture and a new Euro-Atlantic identity and fidelity.


This article has been published by Dr.Efthymiopoulos on WE-NATO (http://we-nato.org/2012/05/15/creating-a-smart-defense-engaging-a-smart-alliance/).