Taught Courses & Admin works

Taught Courses & Admin works

  /  Taught Courses & Admin works

Graduate Courses

  • International Law and Security
  • Security and Strategic Studies
  • Intelligence and Security
  • Research in Strategic and Security Studies
  • International Political Economy
  • Crisis Management Communication
  • Diplomacy and Military Forces
  • International Organizations
  • Contemporary Issues in Foreign Politics

Undergraduate Courses

  • International Law and Security
  • Security and Strategic Studies
  • Public Opinion and Propaganda
  • Terrorism
  • Risk Analysis
  • Public International Law
  • Risk Enterprise Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Communication & Diplomacy
  • Media Ethics

MA Level Supervising of theses

  • Supervised Theses of Specialization in Strategy and Security Studies

Topics (selected)

  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • Strategy
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Regional Wars: Yemen, Syria, Iraq
  • Food Security
  • Civil Wars
  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism

Administrative Tasks

Founding Dean, College of Security and Global Studies
(September 2017-December 2017)

Founding Dean, College of Security and Global Studies
(September 2017-December 2017)

  • Tasked to Establish and Accredit the College of Security and Global Studies (accredited May 2017).
  • Establish the Strategic, Operational and Budget plan of the College for the academic year 2018-2019 and establish a 3 year plan.
  • Establish the man power through diverse specializations for the College of Security and Global Studies (8 Faculty and 2 administrators).
  • Move Current programs located in the former college of Mass Media and Communication to the new College. (MA in Security and Strategic Studies and Diplomacy.
  • Lead and Establish and Accredit the New MA Program in Security and Information Analysis for the New College.
  • Wrote the MA in Security and Intelligence Syllabi to reflect the College and the other Programs as per the Quality Framework of Education of the Emirates level 9 for Masters. (among them- Cyber-Security, Game Theory, Intelligence, Information Gathering, Environmental Security) Wrote 12 Syllabi
  • Took Part at the Creation of the Syllabi for the PhD Program in Security and Strategic Studies; among them wrote 15 Syllabi for the PhD Level on Security, Strategy.
  • In Cooperation with Institutional Effectiveness discuss and create the forthcoming MA in Future Foresight at the College.
  • Create Events and Marketing Plan of exposure of the new College.
  • Transfer the Student pending files and register new students to the college.
  • Establish the Physical presence of the college in cooperation with the University institution.
  • Evaluate Current Faculty and Establish the College Tasks and Meetings.
  • Operate Day to Day Objectives of the College.
  • Report on operations/achievements and research orientation of the college.
  • Create the Working Environment of the College to promote Research and Efficiency in Promotion of the University/College and Academic Led Research in line with the Strategic Operational Objectives of the Ministry of Higher Education of the UAE.
  • Meeting the Quality of Framework of the Emirates (In cooperation and in line with the QAA of the UK) level 7 for the BA program in Security and Strategic Studies and the MA programs of Security and Strategic Studies, Diplomacy and the MA in Security and Information Analysis for the academic year 2018-2019.
  • Established an Advisory board for the MA in Security and Intelligence the MA program in Security and Strategic Studies, for the MA in Diplomacy and the College of Security and Global Studies, up to December 2017.
  • Represented the College as the Dean of the College at AUE.

Team Leader, Creation and Accreditation of the MA in Security and Information Analysis (start date -January 2018 to date).
Tasked to draft and complete program with accreditation from the Committee of Academic Accreditation of the UAE. Program got affiliated under the IAFIE (International Association for Intelligence Educators)

Courses included:

  1. Intelligence and Security
  2. Issues in Intelligence
  3. Intelligence Analysis
  4. Security Strategic Works and Intelligence
  5. The Origins of Conflicts/Wars and Contemporary Threats to National and International Security
  6. Research Methods in Intelligence and Security Studies
  7. Homeland Security

Elective Include:

  1. Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence: The role of Internal Security Organizations
  2. The Information Revolution and Cyber-Warfare
  3. Internal Security Strategies
  4. Critical Infrastructure Protection
  5. Irregular Warfare; Strategy and Operational Responses
  6. Dynamics of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism
  7. Environmental Security
  8. Current Issues in Security and Intelligence
  9. Leadership and Security, Strategy and Intelligence.

Thesis : Track upon completion of all core and electives

Program Director & Coordinator of the MA Program of Security and Strategic Studies, College of Media and Mass Communication, then transferred to the College Security and Global Studies (October 2015-September 2017).

  • Task to draft a Strategic and Operational plan of growth of the program for the academic year 2015/2016 and established a plan for a period of 2 years. Met the achievements within 1/30 years.
  • Increase the Students enrolment and minimize faculty and student retention.
  • Led the MSS reaccreditation program (Successful) based on the Ministry of Education of the Emirates.
  • Increased the level of Student Thesis with more than 38 MA Theses being resulted as of December 2017. –Personally Supervised 10 Thesis –Completed and Supervised more than other 11.
  • Created a Majority of Events for the MSS program.
  • Established Advisory board for the MSS program.
  • Created a Marketing and Social Media Plan and Platforms for the Program.
  • Increased Faculty Specialization and Increased Faculty numbers.
  • Represented the Program Director Successfully in all duties.
  • Re-evaluated and renewed the MSS Syllabi to reflect the QF of Emirates level 9 for Masters programs.

University Council Representative of Faculty 2017/2018 at the American University in the Emirates

  1. Tasked to bring to the attention, all faculty issues to the University Council.
  2. Cooperate with the Academic Council Representative and the Deans to meet all related Academic Issues.
  3. Supported the Actions of the Institution per the Development policy and framework models of the Institution for the strategic plan 2018-2022.
  4. Presented opinions related with Institutional and Budgetary expenses or growth.