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The Future of Europe: Comments and Proposals for a Real Growth.

Mr. Baroso today, September 28th 2011, announced at his annual speech at the European Union members of Parliament that Europe is in need for further and deeper integration. He actually proposed for a constructive integration by the creation of one and joined European Union financial government by introducing a joint European Fund. For those that are associated with EU affairs, this is a proposal coming from also the Federalists, that do believe that EU integration can be successful with joint EU command on all sectors and the change of national constitutional law to only one single European constitution that will eventually become a federal EU law. These proposals should be considered before any agreements. For powerful states this makes sense, but it counters national interests of countries that are not able to cope with international political competition. this said such argument counters interests of Greece, along side the rest of the South-European states. It is fully understood that from the point of view of governance if the EU is to develop there is a need of one and single European Government financially and eventually politically. This is a statement that many analysts and global governance supporters report alongside the Federalists. Although an EU single governance seems to be the only solution in all sectors, with the excuse of avoiding any possible defaults, there are some issues that need to be resolved first prior to any movement towards this perspective. Allow me to give you some examples: For the UK a powerful state with much that has offered and that will offer more in the near future towards EU integration, such action may not turn positive for the national interests of the UK, just yet. In the short-term it conflicts with the UK interests and the fact that the UK is not a member of the monetary union, nor should we expect soon the UK to become one. Smaller states such as Greece, in terms of fiscal power and demography that do not hold power, either political or financial in major sectors of foreign and security policies of the EU or fiscal affairs, states that are not considered the key components of the EU success, such as France and Germany do not have an interest to this and eventually may not accept to give up fiscal or any other powers just yet either. At the same time we should expect to hear critics and commentry, from both over the Atlantic and the Eastern Side of the periphery of the EU as well as peripheral states such as Turkey that are keen to have special and enhanced relations with the EU in the view to hold in the near future a possible membership date. What we should say is that Europe is not and should not become two tiered Europe. It should not have few powerful states deciding for the rest of Europe. Europe is not the United States of America. Europe is a single entity with multiculturalism and Multinationalism. This is the identity that Europeans seek. This said, Europe should re-organize its strategies on fiscal crisis and European Governance in the base line of equal and only co-operation as is done to other international organizations. Consensus need to exist within the EU in one single voice. In a single Integration with a real financial opportunities Europe needs to work in a single voice with a single consensus of all member states. this provides more incentives and more options for other states to seek power and development that comes along with this. These above are the newest developments of basically the EU integration effect in an era of fiscal crisis. Some few comments: For many, the future of Europe does not look fiscally good. Eventually and we should be assured for it, of course Europe will get through all this. this is the political reality of things. It will turn out better, faster, stronger and hopefully less bureaucratic no matter what is agreed or no matter what is commented or criticized. It has and will be making progress in the near future to come. It will keep on developing in other sectors such as its foreign and security policy affairs, the enlargment etc.. In the short term things need to be overturned. (PIGS) Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, have had and still are having a disintegrating public relations and media relations problem, namely on what people thing about these states in Central and Northern European states, namely of their fiscal crisis and as they are now at a turning point to their social and political systems resulting from the fiscal crisis. Social media and social networks should slowly overturn the level of co-operation to promote new ideas and innovation for growth and development for each and single state. Governments also need to know that they should do literally more. Put it simply otherwise they can forget of being re-elected, the least to say. We should need to clearly state the following: This crisis is not a single man’s or single’ countries show. It is a European problem. It was created by Europe overall and not by a single entity or state therefore Europe and Europeans need to fix this. As such any fiscal or social disintegration in any EU state will eventually affect other governments but also stock markets as companies have investment funds located in crisis areas. These matters lead us to the social understanding of what actually Europeans need to overturn this. Europeans are therefore wondering about their future. We see an enlarging number of unemployed people and at the same time the growth of these numbers, as a new generation of well educated unemployed are graduating from Universities. As such one may wonder what are the real problems of Europe that we are currently facing and that we will be facing in the near future. What sort of leaderships we need and whether our current leaders reflect the actual needs of all social classes in Europe. Financially, no one will disagree that this is not a fiscal crisis, or that a fiscal crisis would not occur at some point in time. The thought behind has no professional explanation behind it. The only logical essence is that the Euro was never challenged. The Euro was only rising against the Dollar, the second being world exchange rate currency. At some point in time we had to see the financial stability of the currency internationally. States joined the Euro as their national debt should have been shared along side the money for development that is being given for some years by the European Union. Example case the Cohesion Fund. Essentially, the Cohession Fund allowed people to work on projects of construction for development, while establishing indirectly laws that allow more EU central control essentially burden financial sharing and more national governments to allocate resources to a joint EU. Alternatively they should have allowed states first to develop businesses and their market economies by establishing a free and international market economy by competition nationally and then unify efforts in a single European fiscal entity, to satisfy European needs overall. For Europe to unite socially and culturally it took Europe to manage for about 50 years. this is the thing that makes Europeans proud of being European. Since then, Europeans are trying to go a step beyond, to unite Europe in all sections and to supranationalise powers however without prior massive capital and ability to increase wealth and investment capital due to the fact that EU is a regulatory organization rather a one single Free Market entity or government. It has led on a step by step World Wide Interconnected Market Economies yet one that does not support as results show, a one trully single market European Economy. Alternatively the free market competitiveness and ability to increase capital is prevailing in trully free market economies with less also bureaucracy. They are far better off, although they share part fo the fiscal crisis due to the interconnected relations in a global scale of investment capital. Their free market economies with constitutional law allows growth development and innovation and massive investment based on competence, credibility, competition and re-allocation of funds. Proposals for consideration: Europe should become a free market economy. Competitive, with development and practical actions. Europe should inherit less bureaucracy. Europe should hold more Practical conceptualization process that will have an immediate and long-term effect. Any fiscal actual unification should be handled by political agreements and popular vote by each single state. Europe should now consider to follow practical steps for recovery Initiatives and Dreams should become a reality: A program of youth Innovation programs, Research and constant development of knowledge. European Local, National and European Joint Creation section for all member states. Upgrading University systems to more easy to access Research centers and become part of located in each country. As such we would propose one single entity that administers all research centers, think tanks, innovation, construction, architecture, technology. Re-construct Europe with new and innnovative, progressive architecture that includes all standards of Environment protection. New trains, new planes, new stations, new ports, new roads, new cities, new programs, new state agencies and European Agencies. Better use of natural resources as well as energy resources. new technology research on good exploitation. Re-invent the industry sector. Natural resources and Materials exploitation Facilitate legal and bureaucratic trade. Facilitate Industry creations on all scales low, medium, intermediate and high levels. Europe needs to be re-organized, re-educated, re-invented and reconstructed. It should be clear to all people of Europe, that only with development work, growth and at all social levels public and private servants are needed. As such in the very short-term, shorter than the longer that people expect, capital should be created in all levels. With proper and real economic protection, reassurance and credibility restored in all sectors of investment and banking Europe is to see a real-growth in policies. Europe needs to go a step forward. It needs to open the minds and go a step back. We live in the age of technology. Let us use let us explore all new ideas and new forms without hesitation. Everything can be done if only human capital is there. And there are not choices but to develop and the need to free the market to develop. People are quite well aware of what needs to be done. Let us see Europe go beyond its traditional borders. Let it evolve. One single entity, one consensus one European Republic with consensus respect to national states and their interest is what is needed to meet the needs of the future. To challenge the global challenges. Europeans need to ask of this. they need not to request but to demand this change away from party politics in this instance. We need to understand that a level of development should be achieved if Europe is to remain and to develop.


This article has been published by Dr. Efthymiopoulos on Europe’s World site (http://www.europesworld.org/NewEnglish/Home_old/CommunityPosts/tabid/809/PostID/2737/language/en-US/Default.aspx).