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The Geopolitics of Economic Prosperity

Dr. Marios Panagiotis Efthymiopoulos

The Geopolitics of economic prosperity has been a recent research project.

In this research I estimate a positive effect which develops through economic sustainable growth. It boosts effectiveness and it allows for new policy frameworks to be established.

The case of Cyprus and the resolution attempts on the Cyprus issue, recently made, reflect the need to understand a new geopolitical framework policy. One that actually does more for economic growth and prosperity and that applies less political sentiment with which I assume that no easy solution will be found.

One that resolves standing issues and one that reflects the need to construct a sustainable growth strategic policy, reflecting the local and regional needs. The aim and objective is to concretely develop for the future. To meet the needs of the globalized and interconnected world that we live in.

A Cypriot model of Strategic planning is required. One that does the strategic thinking. One that considers a reality and pragmatical framework plan of reconstruction and effective engagement in the world political and economic arena.

An established strategic council for economic prosperity and growth, similar to the Dubai Strategic Model or the Singapore model, which are now exported in Egypt through the new Cairo Plan, will give rise to the model creations, feasibility study and effective timeline of practical engagement in the actual market.

It will boost discussions and negotiations of both the Greek­Cypriot and Turkish­Cypriot sides to discuss the possibility of a mass investment planning operation initially in cities, which need an immediate injection of mass development and investment.

Infrastructure, basic and specialized will boost moral, emotions and values. It will also boost society’s willingness to be more innovative and creative. It considers mistakes made along the way, in the history of the 20th century and creates new realities that we need to face: We live in an interconnected world full and complete of capacity building and of development skills. People are also more into technology, sustainable policy growth and architectural city orientation.

As such Cyprus maybe looking at a viable solution to the existing unlawful division not because of its time and necessity, but rather cause the area surrounding old cities can be used to offer new resources, plenty of investment opportunities that will boost Cyprus’s re­emergence to the global markets post IMF loan bail­out procedures, will boost moral in both communities and will as such unify more people and international investors as the interests will increase.

Cyprus may become a hub of services, but also resource center of management and marketing. It can also become the center of any possible country outsource.

Cyprus’s momentum is coming. Through the gas and oil feasibility research planning, company reallocation and effective engagement, Cyprus should seize the moment and lead on the regional way, marking the initiation of a new time of development.

Egypt is doing it. Jordan is likely to do so. Israel is already doing it. The Dubai Model is already exported. The leaders confirmed in the recent Egyptian Economic Summit, willingness for complete engagement in development and investment methods that will bring about economic prosperity, stability, power and resolution of standing issues with neighbors.

And the question is how to bring about constructive change. How to bring about new capital and investment attraction. How to bring about robust market effectiveness and capital production. How to bring about an end to a period of a dividing line making Cyprus the last divided area in the European Continent.
The choice is quite clear. Leadership, skills and sustainable growth. The momentum is there. It is Cyprus’s time to show leadership and effective management of both local and regional issues. It is time for Cyprus to lead on the way through service providence and accumulation of known successful models such as the Singapore and Dubai Models which lead global growth and sustainable development.

Photo source: http://www.thecypriotpuzzle.org/

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